Cathal Jenkinson

Cathal Jenkinson FootGolfer

Cathal Jenkinson

Started Playing FootGolf 
Summer 2013

First Competition 
Footee "Irish Open" 2013. It was only a pairs competition, played over five rounds of 12 holes each, all in one day. Round one was stroke play with the top 16 pairs going through to the knockouts. Every other round was head to head matchplay and my partner and I managed to win the final after the 5th playoff hole. I was hooked. My partner never played again!

Best Moment in FootGolf 
Winning the 2017 Irish Open. Without a doubt my fondest memory. I was about 6 shots off the lead after round one and I tore through the first 6 holes at -6. I never looked back. The lead groups all watched each other and one by one, failed to match my score. Having all my teammates around me revelling in our success on our home course as the challengers fell was special. Finally when Bjorn Bulk parred the 18th, I was confirmed. He graciously congratulated me first and then Simon Wetzel came over and told me "You're one of us now". I was elated. It laid the platform for me to lead the European Tour up to halfway with top 10 finishes in Spain, Norway and Slovenia and ultimately resulted in my national title. A great day was had and a quiet celebration that evening followed.

Worst Moment in FootGolf 
Few and far between thankfully.

If you could win one tournament in FootGolf (not including the World Cup), what would it be?
The F1 World Championship. But failing that, the Swiss Open on Signal Du Bougy would definitely make the shortlist.

If you had to pick a team of 4 Irish players, including yourself, who would be the other 3 that you would choose?

I don't think the four national champions have ever played in a fourball but that would be a great round as competitors and friends. That's Gary Mullin, Ro Lynagh, Jimmy Barry and me.

    Name 4 players in the world that you would love to play a competitive round of FootGolf with and why?

      1. Julien Babel - The round I broke the Hungarian Open course record in Kisoroszi, I battled Julien in the same flight. Most intense round ever. We really brought out the best in each other and both played flawlessly. A rematch would be nice.
      2. Nico Garcia - The only round we've ever shared has been on the 19th. His consistency is amazing and he's a contender in any tournament. I'd be happy to give Nico an opportunity to learn something from me over 18 holes.
      3. Espen Enevold - Holy Christ I've never seen a man kick a ball so far. Krokhol was probably the toughest course I've ever played and Espen made a mockery of it. I'd pay to see that again.
      4. Anders Bollerup - He may be Danish and a footballgolfer but I won't hold that against him. He's good craic, sees shots other players won't think of and he's pretty handy! We played together a couple of times, notably at the European Finals in Marrakech and it was such an enjoyable round, I can't even remember who won between us. A good excuse to play again.

    What Irish female sportswoman would you love to see playing FootGolf?