Gary Mullin

 Gary Mullin FootGolf

Gary Mullin

Started Playing FootGolf

First Competition
Slovakian Open 2015

Best Moment in FootGolf
I've a few great ones to pick from fortunately. If I was forced to choose one, it would be winning the World Cup in Argentina in 2016. I finished the highest ranked Irish player in 14th overall but it was the overall experience of playing in a world cup with a bunch of lads, that with one exception, I am still great friends with today.

Worst Moment in FootGolf
Also in Argentina. I was doing solid on the final day and slipped on the tee off of the easiest hole on the course. It would likely be an eagle chance, birdie at worst, and due to me slipping and messing up the shot, I took two shots to recover and ended up bogeying the whole. Up to that point, I was still pushing for a Top 10 finish.

If you could win one tournament in FootGolf (not including the World Cup), what would it be?
If The Diamond Cup was on again, I'd love to win that as the prize money would allow me to travel to a lot more events around Europe. which is currently not possible.

If you had to pick a team of 4 Irish players, including yourself, who would be the other 3 that you would choose?

I'm going to provide two answers to this. The first 3 players are players that I think have the potential to really perform on a world stage but probably just lack some experience and composure at this time, or in some cases, a bit of luck. Cian, T and Stan have all demonstrated such wonderful ability and talent at different points that I feel they could all be an Irish Champion in the future.

  1. Cian Fitzpatrick
  2. Tiarnan Magee
  3. Stan Brennan

My second fourball is comprised of 3 other players, that I believe would massively encourage and compliment each other throughout a round.

  1. James Barry
  2. Cathal Jenkinson
  3. Stephen Sawyer

    Name 4 players in the world that you would love to play a competitive round of FootGolf with and why?

    With football being my passion, it would be an absolute privilege to play with some ex pros who achieved so much in football before turning their hand to FootGolf. I can only imagine there would be some great stories to hear from their careers. If I could choose one other, it would have to be Lionel Jacot. We would have similar styles in some ways but he's way more consistent so I could learn a great deal from him on the course and I've always enjoyed any rounds we've played together.

    1. Roberto Ayala
    2. Ricardo Esteves
    3. Lionel Jacot

      What Irish female sportswoman would you love to see playing FootGolf?

      Cora Staunton - I don't think there's ever been as complete a sportswoman when it comes to Football and now Aussie Rules. As a Mayo man when it comes to GAA, I'd love to see Cora play the game and I believe she'd be a fantastic catalyst in attracting many more ladies to the sport.