Keith Gallagher

Keith Gallagher FootGolf

Keith Gallagher

Started Playing FootGolf
February 2020

First Competition 
FGUI Tour 2020, Stage One at Newcastle Golf Course

Best Moment in FootGolf
When you kick the shot you want and it works out

Worst Moment in FootGolf
Missing the short putts

If you could win one tournament in FootGolf (not including the World Cup), what would it be?
A local one would be great

If you had to pick a team of 4 Irish players, including yourself, who would be the other 3 that you would choose?

  1. Shane Smullen
  2. Damien Coyne
  3. Tony Feeney

These are the lads that I played my first ever round of FootGolf with and where this whole journey started.

Name 4 players in the world that you would love to play a competitive round of FootGolf with and why?
On a wish list it would be Stephen Gerrard, Pelè, Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger as these were my idols as I was growing up and I would love to have a round with them.

What Irish female sportswoman would you love to see playing FootGolf?

Rianna Jarrett - Watched her play for Wexford Youths. She is on the Irish team and is currently in England playing for Brighton. She is a fantastic footballer and someone my step daughter is aspiring too. She wants to play for wexford youths now and watches the ladies Ireland games just to see Rianna.