Tiarnan Magee

Tiarnan Magee FootGolf
Tiarnan Magee

Started Playing

First Competition
Pococke Kilkenny - 2018

Best Moment in FootGolf
Winning a point and the match against Switzerland in EuroFootGolf 2019

Worst Moment in FootGolf
Being in the final group at the Irish Open in Tied 2nd and having a complete nightmare 2nd round 😂

If you could win one tournament in FootGolf (not including the World Cup), what would it be?
Any of the Majors. US Open would be nice.

If you had to pick a team of 4 Irish players, including yourself, who would be the other 3 that you would choose?

  1. Jimmy Barry
  2. Chris Grace
  3. Stephen Sawyer

Name 4 players in the world that you would love to play a competitive round of FootGolf with and why?

    1. Ben Clarke - obviously the best player out there and would like to share a round to learn as much as I could.
    2. Fabian Ayala - Would love to share a round with an experienced ex pro like Ayala, hear stories of his playing career, maybe get a jersey 😂
    3. Lionel Jacot - A player that's always near the top of the leaderboard, could learn a lot from him and also a very nice lad. Would appreciate it if the round we played would be in Switzerland because the courses and the views look unbelievable.
    4. David Quigley - Played in a few competitions with this guy, an all round nice person, very talented and experienced and fond of a pint. Think we would enjoy ourselves in a round together.

What Irish female sportswoman would you love to see playing FootGolf?

Denise O'Sullivan - 77 caps for Ireland and a proven goalscorer in the Champions League and World Cups. Would enjoy sharing a round with such a role model for aspiring female Irish Footballers, and who knows she may even enjoy FootGolf and take it up when the Football career draws to a close.